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What is Package consolidation?

Package consolidation is one of the services parcel forwarding companies provide. They take your multiple small packages and combine them in one large box. They do so to cut down the shipping cost as shipping one large parcel costs lesser than multiple small packages. Package consolidations end up saving money no matter what the overall weight of the items will end up being.

This is a popular service; customers shop from multiple stores and request to consolidate their purchases to pay for shipping once. You can request Only Global Forwarding to consolidate your packages if you're our registered member and have access to the "user dashboard." We are the best package consolidation company in the US.


How to request for package consolidation?

You can submit a consolidation and ship request by following these steps: Go to your storage on the user dashboard. Click on the "Add Custom Declaration" button. You are now supposed to write the customs values and details of the item(s). If you have a special request, click on the 'Add Special Service' button and write the special request. Now select all the packages you want to add to a single shipment by clicking on the "Add Package" button next to them. Finally, click on the "Consolidate and Ship" button and select your address. Your consolidation request has been submitted.

How we Consolidate your Packages?

When we receive your "Consolidate and ship" request, we combine multiple packages per customer request. We remove the shipper packaging, take out each smaller item, and fit it in a bigger box, like a jigsaw puzzle adjusting the piece. If a customer doesn't want to unpack the seller-packing, we combine the boxes. This might cost slightly more than the first option but still less expensive than shipping them separately.


Benefits of Package Consolidation

The most significant benefit of using package consolidation services is cutting down the overall cost. After discarding the extra boxes and consolidating a shipment, the box is measured again. New measurements will determine the final shipment fee, which will be lower than the multiple packages. If you're a frequent buyer, you know that packages arrive on different days when you shop from even the same store due to their sizes. If you choose us, we will combine your packages in one shipment before shipping it to you.

Affordable Shipping


We provide a free US address, the cheapest market rates for international shipping, and minimal processing charges. We have our warehouse in a tax-free zone, so your overall cost of shipping is cut down.

Free Services


Most of our services are free while our competitors charge you for the same services. Our free services include membership, US address, warehouse storage of up to 180days, special requests, and detailed images of the package and its content.

24/7 Customer Support


You are our top priority, we try to provide the best customer care services. We have 24/7 customer support and live chat services to solve your queries instantly. Our services are available in English, Hindi, Arabic, and other languages.


Do you check the online competitor comparison before choosing a shipping company? You should if you want to avoid overspending on worldwide shipping. Below is a list of services’ comparison with our competitors. You can see for yourself that Only Global Forwarding provides the most affordable mail forwarding services from the US. Most of our services are free, and we charge a minimal processing fee as compared to other companies.


Free 30 Days Storage

Paid Membership

No Price Guarantee

Paid Special Packing

Paid Fragile Stickers

Only Global Forwarding

Free 180 Days Storage

Free Membership

Price Match Guarantee

Free Special Packing

Free Fragile Stickers


   2 - 4 working days


USD $17.16

   2 - 4 working days


USD $27.69

   2 - 4 working days


USD $21.35

   2 - 4 working days


USD $28.6

   2 - 4 working days


USD $61.39


How to Get Started?

Consolidate your packages in the USA with Only Global Forwarding for the cheapest shipping fee, minimum handling fee, and safe repacking of your parcels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users from all over the world who can buy almost anything they want, from any US-based online store, and get it shipped to their doorstep. *Note: We do not conduct any type of transactions whatsoever (shipping, business, payment etc.) with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a Forwarding. It is totally free and really easy. - On the home page, click on ‘Account’. Then click on ‘Register’.

  • - Enter the required information.
  • - Once you are done, you will receive an email from us to verify your account.
  • - Log in for the first time after the verification of your account.
  • - Upon first login, you will be asked to enter your complete shipping address.
  • - Your registration is completed as soon as you enter your shipping address.
  • NOTE: Please ensure that your shipping address and billing address match. Your shipping address needs to be the same as the address associated to your credit card. We verify your address with your selected method of payment and only ship to the address that is linked to that method of payment.

Only Global Forwarding is mainly a package forwarding company and ship packages worldwide. Package consolidation is one of the services we provide to our customers. So, we consolidate and ship packages from the US to countries worldwide.

This depends on you. We will ship unpack the packages if you want; this is the more efficient package consolidation method. But if you wish to remove the outer box and brand packing to remain intact, we will do that as well. We ask you how you want your packages to be consolidated, and we do as asked. We will, of course, recommend the best ways.

We handle freight forwarding of perfumes in controlled amounts to the following countries;

We can consolidate as many of your small packages as possible into the maximum size of a single box available. For bigger packages, we offer freight forwarding.

·         Oman

It means that we prioritize your package's packing, which takes 10 Business hours for only $5. Without express processing, it takes 12 to 24 business hours. When your package is ready, you will receive an email to choose your carrier and make your payment.

Only Global Forwarding' Affordable Package Consolidation Services

Package consolidation saves money in different ways. For instance, when you ship a package, a handling fee applies per package. This means that even if a package is 0.5kgs or 20kgs, the cost for picking it up and handling it will be the same. Suppose the handling fee is $5, now multiple this with your ten packages. You will have to pay $150 as a handling fee, which is higher than the shipping fee of one big box. When you consolidate your packages, the minimum processing fee per package will be removed.

Package Consolidation Rates

Are you looking for affordable package consolidation services in the United States? Do you want consolidation rates in detail? Scroll a little bit more and we have mentioned package consolidation rates in detail.

You will have to pay a minimum fee of $5 for package consolidation. We charge $5 to consolidate up to 5 packages. After 5 packages, we charge an additional $1 per package. This means that the fee to consolidate 4 packages, the fee will be $5, to consolidate 7 packages, you'll be charged $7. And trust us, this is the most reasonable price you can get for package consolidation in the United States.

We offer our package consolidation, assisted purchase, and other services in Saudi Arabia, India, Angola, Mexico, and other countries worldwide.


At Only Global Forwarding, we bring the best international shipping solutions for our customers!

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